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Hours of training in 2016

At delaware, you'll not only learn from your experienced co-workers. Our world-class training program offers trainings in a wide variety of topics that will help your career move forward.


Years of bonuses paid

We appreciate you helping us grow together. Since 2005, we've granted bonuses every year. The bonus is linked to our collective and your individual peformance.



In delaware China, we offer more holidays than legal requirements. We encourage people to work hard and play hard.

People insured via Delaware Consulting

Our corporate health insurance covers not only you, but also your family. Free of charge. This year, every employee insures an extra 1.3 people via our corporate insurance plans.

Consumed bananas per week

Everyday, in delaware China offices, a fresh load of fruit is provided. The support team chooses the fruits of the season to make sure the quality. Come here and join us!


Marriage/Birth Gift

At delaware, your marriage and your family are always taken care of by us, we've granted over than 200 Red Envelope Gift to our people! Your life's milestone is also ours!

Personal counselors

At delaware, we want you to take control of your career. Every employee gets allocated a personal counselor to set goals with, discuss progress and take their career forward.

Coffee bars around our offices

Taking your co-workers for a coffee? A breakfast meeting with a client? We've got you covered. Both a daily lunch allowance & a cost-effective expenses system allow you to focus on what you're good at: taking this company forward.

We need you!

Delaware Consulting is a young, global consultancy house providing advanced solutions and services to organizations



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