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Years of life experience

50 centries of life experience. That's what our china co-workers combine. Imagine what you could learn from that. Don't worry by the way, with an average age of 32, we're still a young team.

Female colleagues

All our female co-workers combine ambition, enterpreneurship, vision and a great work ethos. So let's aim at 50% in the near future!

Sports lovers (estimate)

There's always something to share with your colleagues. In meetings, at our desks or during the lunch break: we love talking about what we do and love. Our multiple team events help feed a great team atmosphere.

Chinese Partners

delaware's partnership system is quite unique. The partners don't float above the organization, but are firmly involved in our projects and day-to-day activities. Everybody can become a partner. Show entrepreneurship, take control of your career and you could be a partner one day.

We need you!

Delaware Consulting is a young, global consultancy house providing advanced solutions and services to organizations



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