Refreshed brand

the delaware brand

One thing is for certain: we are a company in the midst of growth. Our organization continues to evolve, and so does our brand: from ‘Delaware Computing’ to ‘Delaware Consulting’ to simply ‘delaware’.

Our brand is more than our name or our logo. In 2019, we launched an international rebranding exercise, to drive delaware towards further internationalization, total brand consistency and a shared identity.

Our goal? One brand, one delaware, worldwide.

Our brand pattern is a visual representation of how we guide, transform and create continuous improvement for our customers. We created it by dividing the red dot from our logo into individual, flexible elements such as half and quarter circles.

Curious to see how we bring our brand alive? Watch the video.


our tagline

An important part of the delaware brand is our tagline: a short statement that embodies what we stand for. How would you describe delaware? Who better to answer that question than our customers, we thought.

During the interviews, one customer said, “delaware is a company with heart, a lot of heart — and that’s beyond rare in this industry.” And that’s true: to our customers, our commitment goes without saying. We want to do the right thing.

No empty promises, no excuses. 
Based on commitment. We deliver.
we commit. we deliver.

two women and a man

we commit. we deliver.

our personality

Our personality, our identity, our DNA – whatever you may want to call it – is what makes delaware ‘delaware’.
It is an overview of why we exist, what makes us different, how we conduct ourselves as an organization and the attributes we look for in our employees.
These 6 adjectives define us. We are...