Delaware Consulting China wins Innovation Pioneer Award at SAP D-KOM Demojam IoT competition

Integrating Internet of Things (IoT) with SAP HCP and modelled on a manufacturing company, Delaware’s project A full Lifecycle IoT Exercise has represented the end-to-end practical process (goods receipt access control, production execution and production quality management, warehouse and transport) to demonstrate how various data from the daily operation of an enterprise is processed in real-time. With this engaging miniature company, Delaware was chosen as the only SAP partner team to participate in the DemoJam competition for IoT Demo Solution at the SAP d-kom 2016 Shanghai. In the end, Delaware’s project ranked Nr. 3 in the finals and received the Innovation Pioneer Award. 

SAP d-kom is the annual conference of internal developers of SAP. This year’s event on 2nd March in the Shanghai International Convention Center attracted more than 2000 representatives from all over the world to share with each other their research achievements, business practices and valuable experience. 

Delaware Consulting is honored to receive the award as a recognition of its continuous drive to innovation.