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The Sitecore Experience Profile gives you complete visibility of every moment your customer connects with your organization. This enables you to tailor each moment with every individual customer.

What if you could create positive customer experiences, regardless of device? And how about measuring customer behavior in real-time so that you can predict future needs and respond appropriately?  

That’s what Sitecore technology can do for you: help you to create excellent customer experiences.  

Sitecore offers a digital marketing platform that is tailored specifically for you. This full suite offers ample possibility to personalize, customize and frequently adapt content to maximize results in a user-friendly environment regardless of device. Equally suited for the B2B or the B2C environment, the Sitecore platform lets you easily manage your website(s) and e-marketing campaigns. 



Consider some of our projects:

  • For a retail chain, a market leader in agriculture and horticulture supplies, we used Sitecore to create personalized experiences every time a visitor returns to the website. Clients are inspired to try out new combinations of products and services based on previous and real-time behavior. Thanks to deep analytics, the company is able to gain more insights on different customer moments, from which it can create additional great experiences. Two avatars were created to further personalize the moments of interaction on the website. At the same time, real time prices and content for over 30.000 products are made available. To do so, we integrated ADAM with sitecore and the customer’s ERP system. This technology will now also be used for brochures, social media and magazines.
  • For a national train company, we developed a platform where travelers can book and consult their tickets in a user-friendly way. Besides looking up travel information in real-time, customers can also completely arrange their travel plans online. As the company wants to stimulate paperless travel, we also developed a mobile app for them. By optimizing the entire digital journey, from booking a tickets online to arriving at your destination, travel has become a seamless experience.



“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

Seth Godin, marketing guru 

Let us create excellent customers experiences for you


Let us create excellent customers experiences for you

Delaware Consulting is a key partner of Sitecore. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • We’re digital at the core. We simply love all things digital. And we love to mix it all together: web, mobile, personalization, contextualization, automation, and so much more…

  • We start from the reality of your customers. Your customer’s journey is key to our approach.

  • We translate this journey into a real experiences. Not just on your website, but also towards a wide variety of other marketing channels, regardless of device.

  • We create smart systems: we connect whatever needs to be connected to let your business thrive.

  • We include the analytics you need to become smarter.


Are you ready to take your customer experiences to the next level?