Time is right for the Mobile Workforce


Let’s reinvent field service, field engineering, field sales... Actually we are heading for a field anything world.

Mobile devices have become the norm to interact and to consume digital information. Recent studies show we spend 2.42 hours a day interacting through our smartphone. Of course enterprises have bee catching up and embrace the idea of mobile working. The aim is how a mobile workforce can make a business more effective and, of course, more enthusiastic. 

To work remotely is, in its own right, quite appealing to a growing number of employees. But there is more to it. The whole area of field work and field service is being redefined by ever evolving mobile technology. We augment reality with a simple mobile device and take creative or service engineering decisions right on the spot, guided in a most natural way. Research companies across the globe claim 70% of the workforce will be a mobile workforce by 2020, so expect quite some field service innovation to arise the next five years.

We live in an ever increasing instantly connected world featuring internet connectivity at an ever increasing number of places. So mobile workforce alienation because of lack of interaction, contact or communication isn't that much of an issue anymore. Of course contacts and interactions in the physical world remain deadly important, expect celebrations of all kind to become more important in the business world of tomorrow.

Wearable technology could potentially save the field service industry alone $1 billion.

Gartner Inc. 

Delaware Mobile Workforce solutions

Delaware features an end-to-end mobile workforce and mobile field service solution set, building on our extensive development skills, mobile expertise and knowledge of the service and field service domain.

As your long-term partner, we make sure you fully exploit the potential of your emerging mobile workforce. We shape your strategy, develop easy-to-use applications – based on your specific needs –, deliver technical support, manage security and device management, and keep track of your changing business needs when you want us to do so.


Our mobile workforce solutions provide:

Hassle-free sharing of information Real-time analytics
Flawless data entry Better management insights
User-interaction design Process automation
User-experience design On-demand access to data
Commitment to your business processes The ability to send notifications
Improved workflows Persona definition

Mobile First!

Let’s embrace a mobile first world and equip our employees with a great competitive edge.

By making your employees part of the mobile workforce, you drive change from within. You enable your people to be more productive, you give them more and better insights right there where the action is. Retail employees able to check stock right in front of a customer. Maintenance employees in an industrial environment receiving real-time guidance on how to tackle a defect. Healthcare workers getting critical health info as they are with a patient.

Interested in what your roadmap towards a mobile workforce model could look like? Wondering what the potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality apps is for your business, for instance to support better decision-making or to make field service safer?

Through our own research and collaboration with various technology partners, we are constantly looking for new ways to shape the mobile workforce of tomorrow. We are happy to share those insights with you and help you make your company future-proof, as from now!