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HR technology at delaware

Empower people

As Human Resources Information System (HRIS) consultants, we work at the intersection of human resources and IT. We provide HR departments with the tools to support both their day-to-day work and the career of all employees in the best possible way. Our consultants guide HR departments in their transformation towards digitized Hire-to-Retire processes.

Drive HR forward

Technology-wise, the HR department has been standing still for too long, still using the same tools as they did twenty years ago. Let’s bring HR policy, processes, strategy and technology to the 21st century. Let’s allow them to focus on more than their mere administrative, supporting role.

Foster innovation

In HR, delaware’s innovative way of thinking (AI, data science, digital thinking) is a game-changer. People will no longer accept having to work with outdated technologies, some sooner than others. We feel it is our duty to follow HR trends closely and insert them in an innovative way at our clients, to make sure that they – and we – remain relevant. 

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There is a time and place to explore new territories, acquire new skills, make mistakes and learn from them.

Koen Cedeijn - HR technology consultant


A passion for HR

We can keep it short: we’re looking for people with a passion for the HR métier. Will you have the right mindset?

  • With us, there’s no hiding behind the scenes; client-facing skills are of the utmost importance
  • After all, intensive consultation with the customer’s internal HR department is an absolute must
  • Get to grips with our customers’ specific reality and translate that into the right solutions.

Meet the team


Kenny Gysemans

HRIS consultant

We want to allow HR to be HR again. Let them focus on talent management and decision-making rather than time-consuming, administrative tasks.

Juan Staes

Enterprise Architect

We create a bridge between HR and IT. It takes excellent interpersonal skills to be able to explain complex technical processes in understandable language. That’s why you need two passions: one for IT, and another for people.

Emmanuelle Blaize

HRIS professional

We are the glue between HR & IT. On the one hand, we bring business acumen, people sensitivity & human purpose to IT. On the other hand, we add structure, help to set priorities, and build collaboration through technology in the HR world.


作为人力资源信息系统(HRIS)顾问,我们在人力资源和IT的交叉点工作。 我们首要关注的是为人力资源部门提供工具,以最佳方式支持他们的日常工作和所有员工的职业生涯。 我们的顾问采用了面向流程的方法(而不是以产品为导向的方法),指导人力资源部门向数字化雇佣-退休流程转型。


从技术层面看,人力资源部门已经停滞了太久,仍然使用与二十年前相同的工具。 让我们将人力资源政策,流程,战略和技术带入21世纪。 使他们不仅仅专注于他们的行政支持角色。