Internal positions

Internal positions at delaware

A strong support team

Despite being scattered across different departments and locations, the delaware support team is a close-knit community of more than 100 people. We provide delaware with locally-based support in an international context. We are a high-impact team and act as a sparring partner of the business.


Never to be underestimated

Not only do we enable the work that our business units do, our suggestions and initiatives to improve delaware’s way of working are highly valued as well. As the delaware business landscape continues to grow, so does our support team.

I’m proud that the caring and eager culture of delaware allows us to become our best possible selves

Jonas Decoster - Compensation & Benefits Specialist


The opportunity to make a difference

Every member of the support team, whether active in Finance, Legal, Sales, HR, IT, Marketing or Internal Communication, makes a difference. The opportunities are endless!

  • Whether we manage the reception desk, our facilities, the agendas of our partners, or our car fleet, we connect with consultants all over the company
  • In more ways than one, the support team is indispensable
  • We contribute to the successful completion of delaware projects – be it from an internal position.

Meet the team


David Chambaere

IT Support

I love the diversity of IT and software projects and working with awesome, professional colleagues. At delaware I get the chance to leave my mark, drive change and help our team adopt new tools and processes.


Geraldine Verelst

Financial Controller

I like analyzing and discussing figures but furthermore, my job gives me the opportunity to get into contact with people from all over delaware.


Jonas Decoster

Compensation & Benefits Specialist

I experience the strength of the support team through the variety of expertise and souls that is connected. By taking ownership I’m able to contribute to initiatives that truly matter for the #peopleofdelaware.


尽管德莱维支持团队分散在不同的部门和地点,但可以说它更像是一个由100多人组成的紧密社区。 从科特赖克和瓦夫尔的总部,在国际范围内提供德莱维的本地支持。 我们是一支拥有高影响力的团队,并且是该业务的竞争伙伴。 我们不仅支持我们的业务部门所做的工作,在改进德莱维工作方式的建议和举措方面也受到高度重视。 随着德莱维商业环境的不断发展,我们的支持团队也在不断发展。