Software development

Software development at delaware

It’s in our DNA

Let’s be honest: when delaware was founded 15 years ago, it was created by software geeks. Even though our company is usually associated with consulting, software is still in our DNA. The interesting thing about DNA? It always consists of two strands – which is why our software strand has become inextricably intertwined with our consulting strand. 

Solutions are built together

As delaware has built strong partnerships with SAP and Microsoft, we mainly apply their ecosystems, but we’re always on the lookout for new technologies. Plenty of developers at delaware do not fit the stereotype of the ‘lone wolf’ programmer. We always work together in teams. This separates us from other companies who focus more on the conventional body shopping practices.

High-tech projects

We believe that innovation and technology go hand in hand. For a lot of our developers, that’s exactly what drives them: the diversity and speed of innovation inherent to the world of software development. As we navigate our way through technologically challenging projects, we offer developers the opportunity to work with the latest technologies and programming languages, whenever they pop up.

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Geeking out: soon-to-be software developers unite at the delaware hackathon

What keeps our heart beating

The software development world is being mapped as we go and grow. At delaware, you’ll ride the waves of technology (and not get swept away – that’s a promise).

  • Mindset matters. We want our developers to be entrepreneurs, eager to solve the issues they encounter
  • Be proud. As developers, we’re proud of the solutions we build
  • With a portfolio as diverse as delaware’s, we can provide our developers with a renewed outlook on software development

Meet the team


Julie Hoste

Technical consultant

I was intrigued by consultancy and I still am, not in the least thanks to the enormous variety in projects every day. In addition, delaware is an international company with a lot of opportunities to grow your career and expand your skills.
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Wouter Hemeryck

Lead solution architect

I think delaware can provide an answer to every developer’s needs. We offer a wide range of teams with room for people with all kinds of skills. Once you start working in a specific solution, that decision isn’t set in stone. If IoT isn’t your cup of tea, why not change to Sitecore?


Rob Hofman

Integration consultant

I kind of like being ‘the underdog’, proving to customers what great influence integration can have on their business processes. That’s what drew me to the Integration team in the first place.

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坦白讲,15年前德莱维成立之时是由软件极客创建的。尽管我们公司与咨询相关,但软件仍然是我们的DNA。DNA的有趣之处?它总是由两部分组成 – 那就是为什么我们的软件链与我们的咨询链密不可分。


德莱维的许多开发者并不符合“孤狼”程序员的刻板形象,我们更注重团队合作。我们会确保在开发期间为您保留一个位置,无论是在客户现场还是在德莱维的某个办公室。 这使我们在那些更注重传统实践的公司中脱颖而出,从而共同构建解决方案!



随着我们的前进和成长,软件开发世界正在被逐步描绘出来。在德莱维,你将在科技浪潮中前行(而不会被时代与科技淘汰 - 这是一个承诺)。


对我们而言最重要的是正确的心态。 我们希望我们的开发人员成为企业家,拥有他们开发的解决方案的所有权,并渴望解决他们遇到的问题。 作为开发人员,我们为自己构建的解决方案感到自豪。 你也为自己的工作感到自豪吗? 借助德莱维的各种解决方案和服务组合,我们可以为开发人员提供整个软件开发的全新视角。让我们找出使你心跳加速的原因, 从最广泛的意义上来说,那就是发展。